The use of 12V lithium batteries

12V lithium battery usage
Electric vehicles, inverters, mobile DVDs, UPS, GPS, medical equipment, etc. Lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate. The application fields of cathode materials are clearly differentiated. At present, lithium cobalt oxide is still the main cathode material in the field of small lithium batteries, mainly used in the traditional 3C field; Ternary materials and lithium manganese oxide are mainly used for small lithium batteries. In Japan and South Korea, their technology as power batteries is relatively mature, mainly used for electric tools, electric bicycles, and electric vehicles; 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries are used in the field of power batteries in China and are the future development direction of energy storage batteries. They are mainly used for energy storage in base stations and data centers, household energy storage, wind and solar energy storage, and other fields.

The ternary material combines the advantages of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel oxide, and lithium manganese oxide, and has a price advantage, but its application is affected by the price of cobalt. When the price of cobalt is high, the price of ternary materials is lower than that of lithium cobalt oxide, which has strong market competitiveness. However, when the price of cobalt is low, the advantage of ternary materials compared to lithium cobalt oxide is greatly reduced. At present, there is a trend of lithium cobalt oxide materials being replaced by ternary materials.

A 12V lithium battery is a series combination of three 3.7V lithium batteries. After a single lithium battery is fully charged, the voltage is 4.2V, also known as 4V in normal environments. The voltage of the series of batteries is added together, which is 4V/battery * 3 batteries=12V, which is what we call a 12V lithium battery.
12V lithium battery capacity

There is no standard capacity, which is determined based on the detailed requirements of electrical or equipment deployment. Normally, the capacity is 2200ma/h, with 5ah and 10Ah, and some electric vehicles can reach 20AH or 50AH. The more batteries connected in parallel, the greater the capacity.
12V lithium battery volume

The volume of a 12V lithium battery needs to be determined based on its capacity, but there is no identical specification. The larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume

Weight of 12V lithium battery
Nowadays, many installation devices are equipped with necessary large capacity lightweight lithium batteries, such as electric vehicles, which used to use lead-acid batteries. Nowadays, many electric vehicles have become lithium-ion batteries because of their large capacity, light weight, and small size.
12V lithium battery charging and discharging current

The charging and discharging current of lithium batteries is determined based on the power of the equipment. On the basis of constant voltage, the higher the power of the device, the greater the required output current.

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