The difference between No. 5 battery and 18650 lithium battery

1、 What is a No. 5 battery?
Number 5 battery (AA, R6) is one of the types of batteries, with a general size of 14mm in diameter and 50mm in height. Number 5 batteries are widely used in many small appliances and digital products due to their small size and moderate capacity.

2、 What is an 18650 lithium battery?
18650 lithium battery is a type of cylindrical battery, also known as 18650 lithium-ion battery. The battery cell is mainly composed of five parts: a metal shell, a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a thin film, and an electrolyte. They each perform their own duties to ensure normal charging and discharging. 18650 is not a specific type of battery, but an A-type battery. The numbers 18650 in the 18650 lithium battery represent the external dimensions: 18 refers to the battery diameter of 18.0mm, and 650 refers to the battery height of 65.0mm. The common 18650 batteries are divided into lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and nickel hydrogen batteries.

3、 What are the differences between the 5th battery and the 18650 lithium battery?
1. The size of the 5th battery is different from that of the 18650 lithium battery: although the 18650 and 5th batteries may look similar, their sizes are actually different. The specifications of the 18650 lithium battery are 18 millimeters in diameter and 65 millimeters in length; The rule for the 5th battery (actually the scientific name for the 5th battery is 14500 battery) is a diameter of 14 millimeters and a length of 50 millimeters. 18650 is much larger in length and diameter than the 5th battery.

2. The voltage of the 5th battery is different from that of the 18650 lithium battery: the voltage of the lithium battery is 3.7V (rechargeable), the voltage of the lithium iron phosphate battery is 3.2V (rechargeable), while the voltage of the 5th battery is 1.5V (non rechargeable) or 1.2V (rechargeable).

3. The working principle of battery 5 and 18650 lithium battery is different: their working principle (internal chemical reaction process) is different.

4. 18650 lithium batteries are rechargeable batteries, and most of the regular No. 5 batteries are disposable batteries, with very few or no rechargeable ones.

5. The usage areas of No. 5 battery and 18650 lithium battery are different: No. 5 battery is a common type of battery in our daily life, commonly used in toys, home appliances, and digital products. The theoretical lifespan of 18650 lithium battery is 500-1000 cycles of cyclic charging. Due to the large capacity per unit density, most of it is used for laptop batteries.

In addition, due to the excellent stability performance of 18650 lithium batteries in operation, they are widely used in various electronic fields: commonly used in high-end strong light flashlights, portable power supplies, wireless data transmitters, electric heating clothes, shoes, portable instruments, portable lighting equipment, portable printers, industrial instruments, medical instruments, etc.

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