Some common faults of lithium battery packs

1. Normal battery suddenly has no response. It may be that the MOS tube caused by the short -circuit of the battery's positive and negative poles is broken, or the battery is short. The method of solving the problem usually activate the battery for the battery charging. If it is still unavailable, you need to check the output line or protective board of the battery.

2. The mileage suddenly reduces the mileage, and the length of the charging becomes shorter. When this phenomenon occurs, the battery must be stopped immediately. Do not try to force the charging for a long time, which will make the fault more serious. This type of failure is more troublesome to deal with, but it is not unable to solve it.

3. After a long period of use, the mileage is significantly different from the new battery, but it will be normal after each charging. This failure is the normal capacity failure of the lithium battery and cannot be repaired. The deep discharge activation of the Internet is suitable for monomer lithium batteries, and the voltage is not high. Generally, lithium batteries below 20V can be achieved. Do not try old batteries with higher voltage and high voltage.