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Professional lithium battery manufacturer

Our mission is to provide customers with the highest quality energy solutions and after-sales services.
Cooperating with us can more efficiently and accurately select suitable battery and accessories products, one-stop shopping, to meet all your needs for energy products.
Our products have a complete set of specifications and certifications.

For more information about battery question , please consult us.


  • Battery Warranty

    Battery 5 years Warranty 100% after-sales guarantee.Each Battery cell matches voltage and Capacity before shipping.

  • Providing Value

    The li-ion market is very scarce.We will always do our best to bring you the lowest available prices while never sacrificing the quality of batteries we offer.

  • Genuine Grade A Cells

    We have a long track record of offering only the best quality products. The A-class products we have marked are genuine.

  • EU/US has Warehouse 5-7 days arrival !

    Selian has a battery warehouse in the USA/EU Countries with delivery in 5-7 days.