Precautions for 12V lithium batteries, what are the uses of 12V lithium batteries?

Precautions for 12V lithium batteries, what are the uses of 12V lithium batteries? The 12V lithium battery is connected in series with 3 or 4 lithium batteries. The combined battery pack, the capacity of the battery is determined by the capacity of a single battery, or the capacity of the battery that is connected together. It is a safe and environmentally friendly new battery. The 12V lithium battery, as the most widely used battery type, plays a very important role in our production and life. Today, let's talk about the precautions of the 12V lithium battery and what are its uses.

12V lithium battery use precautions

1. Different 12V lithium battery brands, different battery cells, and battery models are also different, and the charger is naturally different. It cannot be universal. If the charger is often mixed, the charging voltage and the current are not matched, which will cause the battery to fill the drum.

2. The summer charger can stop charging after turning the green light. The winter charger can be charged for 1-2 hours after turning the green light. It is more than 12 hours, or even longer, it is easy to fill the battery.

3. Charging at high temperature, the charging voltage is relatively high, and the battery is prone to overcharge, which causes the battery to increase the water during charging and dry up early, which seriously affects the service life of the battery. Study data shows that when the battery is in an environment at 45 ° C, the life span is shortened by 40%.

4. 12V lithium batteries will heat up in the state of use. If it is charged immediately after use, the battery is in a high temperature environment for a long time, and it is easy to have a drum phenomenon.

The purpose of the 12V lithium battery

The 12V lithium battery protection board is a battery protection circuit board. It is generally used for large -capacity 12V lithium batteries. It has the protection function of overcharge, over -current, overcurrent, short -circuit, battery balance function. Some batteries may also need a communication port and data input and output Options and other display functions to meet the application requirements.

12V lithium batteries are used in electric vehicles, inverters, mobile DVDs, UPS, GPS, medical setting equipment, etc. The application area of positive pole materials is obvious. At present, lithium cobaltate is still the main force of the positive electrode materials in the field of small lithium battery, which is mainly used for traditional 3C fields. Tricile materials and lithium manganate are mainly applied in small lithium battery. The technology of power batteries is relatively mature, mainly used in the fields of electric tools, electric bicycles and electric vehicles; 12V Iron phosphate batteries are applied in the field of power batteries in China, and it is the direction of future energy storage battery development. It is mainly used for base stations and data Central energy storage, family energy storage, landscape power storage and other fields.

12V lithium battery specification parameters

● Voltage: 12V

● Battery capacity: The capacity has no standard capacity. It is determined according to the specific requirements of electrical appliances or equipment. The general capacity is: 2200mAh, 5AH, 10AH, etc. Some electric vehicles can reach 20AH or 50AH. The more the battery is connected, the greater the capacity.

● Volume: The volume of the 12V lithium battery should be determined according to the capacity of the battery without uniform specifications. The larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume.

● Weight: Many equipment now requires lithium batteries with large capacity and light weight, such as electric vehicles, which used to use lead -acid batteries. Many electric vehicles now become lithium batteries because the lithium battery has a large capacity, light weight, and small volume.

● Charging and discharge current: The charging current of the lithium battery is determined according to the power of the device. On the basis of constant voltage, the greater the power of the device, the larger the current to the output.

The 12V lithium battery has an overcurrent protection function. When the use current of the power equipment is exceeded the maximum output current of the product, the action of overcurrent protection circuit moves and makes the electric equipment that cannot be worked normally. The 12V lithium battery is equipped with a special charger when leaving the factory, so as not to affect the life and characteristics of the improper charging of the lithium battery.
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