Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of customized lithium batteries

Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of customized lithium batteries

Why customize lithium batteries? Lithium battery customization is aimed at devices with special needs for lithium batteries, and currently, lithium batteries have been applied in various industries. The lithium battery products we usually use in our daily lives do not need to be customized. What are the advantages and disadvantages of customizing industrial grade lithium batteries that need to be customized? This article YCY will provide you with a detailed introduction.

1、 Why customize lithium batteries

1. Customized lithium batteries can choose different battery cells according to your own needs. Different battery cells have different battery performance, service life, and safety performance.

2. The voltage range that customized lithium battery equipment can withstand, customized lithium batteries can arrange the voltage according to their own needs, and the voltage of customized lithium batteries can be flexibly customized. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the customized lithium battery equipment can withstand the corresponding voltage value.

3. Customized lithium batteries can change the performance, volume, function and other characteristics of lithium batteries on the basis of the original battery, to meet the different needs of customers for batteries.

2、 The advantages of customizing lithium batteries

1. Large volume, high working standard voltage;

2. Customized lithium batteries have characteristics such as resistance to short circuit faults, overcharging, loss of power, impact resistance, vibration resistance, gunshot accidents, puncture, no fire, no explosion, etc;

3. There is no battery leakage problem, and the internal structure of the battery does not have liquid lithium battery electrolyte, using colloidal solid state;

4. The safety factor is high, and customized lithium battery manufacturers will improve the protection measures of customized lithium batteries based on the situation of the lithium battery machine equipment used by users or other regulations.

3、 The drawbacks of customizing lithium batteries

1. High cost;

2. Need to maintain route manipulation, overcharging maintenance, and low power maintenance;

3. High working current charging and discharging are not allowed, and the internal resistance is relatively high. Generally, charging and discharging are carried out at 0.5C, which poses a risk of overcharging and discharging short circuit faults.

Customized lithium batteries have superior characteristics, higher capacity, longer service life, and more reasonable prices, which have won the recognition and love of many customers. The batteries sold in the market are made according to the material characteristics of the manufacturer and have a unified standard.

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