Science and exposure of third -party battery battery battery cells,What is the Grade A Grade B Grade C battery cell ?

1: The Grade A Electric Core and B Core refer to the battery capacity, internal resistance, voltage, etc. The best quality battery
2: There is only a slight gap in the capacity B product, but the performance is definitely not discounted
The Ningde Times battery cell market is divided into the following types of goods
1: The number of special channels for the new A product core is small
2: The new A -grade cell core is disassembled, the battery cell has been carried on the car, and there are traces sold when it is not used without use.
3: Disassembling A -grade battery core, the battery cell has been carried on the car, and there is a cycle, the number is large
3: Number of new B.
4: The number of batteries for disassembly B products is average
How to judge the remaining cycle of the Ningde Times
For example, the 3.7V60A battery cell is brand new, the rated capacity of the factory target is 60A, the actual capacity of the A product can reach 64 ~ 65A, the actual capacity of the B product core is about 63A (the resistance value is also larger).
After the circulation is 500 times, the capacity should be above 60A, and the capacity of 2500 times should not be less than 48A. The actual capacity is above the nominal capacity, and the data will be more beautiful.
Based on this as a standard, the capacity measured by the actual capacity of the rated capacity can be identified.
For example, TOM bought a battery with a 3.7V60A specification, took it home to obtain the actual capacity of 62A by measuring the capacity, and roughly estimated through the capacity attenuation
If it is within 200 times of the A product, if the number of B products is around 100, take it on the electric vehicle as an example, this battery cycle is about 2 years.
So judge that this battery is a second -hand -demolition -induced core
Capacity is an important criterion for judging the cells
Example: After 72v60a battery battery is used up, the 10A charger needs to charging for 6 hours. If it is less than 6 hours, the capacity will not meet the standard. The seller may take the 50A battery cell.
Or the 60A battery with a large number of cycles
Summary: Capacity is an important criterion for judging the cells. The most accurate to buy a test instrument can also measure the battery capacity by charging and discharge through the Culun meter
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The assembly material of a battery
1: Core
2: protective board
3: Communication module
4: Stainless steel battery box
5: Accessories
6: Manual foundry fee
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