What is EVE Battery

1.What is EVE Battery

EVE battery generally refer to Prismatic Lifepo4 batteries produced by EVE Energy Company in China.EVE batteries focus on the electricity and energy storage markets. EVE is a leading global supplier of raw material lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries, and has established a global sales and service network, established in 2001.

EVE Company not only produces Prismatic Lifepo4 batteries, also has core technologies and comprehensive solutions for consumer batteries, power batteries and energy storage batteries. Its products are widely used in the Internet of Things and energy Internet fields. But generally only cooperate with enterprises and have limited information, so EVE batteries generally refer to Prismatic LIfepo4 batteries that can circulate between individuals

Please note that the EVE battery mentioned next refers to the EVE Prismatic LIfepo4 battery.

2.What types of eve batteries
2.1) From a quality perspective, there are Grade A/A Level and Grade B/B Level (click to see how to distinguish EVE Grade A/B)
2.2) From the perspective of shape, it can be divided into small cylindrical batteries (18650/21700) and large Prismatic batteries (used in industries such as electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, and solar energy storage)



18650 26700 Prismatic 

2.3) From the perspective of material, the differences are: Li/SOCI2 Batteries, Li/MnO2 Batteries
2.4) Distinguish from capacity (mainly):

3.What are the characteristics of EVE compared to mainstream batteries?
1) High performance
EVE batteries have excellent charging and discharging performance, longer service life, and lower self discharge rate. This type of battery has a high energy density, and the energy density of the battery pack can reach 150Wh/kg, which is about 3-4 times higher than common lead-acid batteries. At the same time, it also has advantages over other types of batteries in terms of voltage platform and battery pack operating temperature.

2) High security
EVE batteries are designed with various safety measures, such as temperature control, current control, short circuit protection, pressure protection, etc., to ensure that the battery pack can remain safe in any situation. Meanwhile, the electrodes of EVE batteries do not generate sparks during operation, greatly improving the safety of the battery.

3) High reliability
EVE batteries have high reliability and can meet various demanding application fields. This type of battery has a long cycle life, reaching over 5000 cycles. In special environments such as high temperature, low temperature, and high humidity, the performance can also remain stable.

4.How long does EVE battery last?
Calendar life:7-8Years
Cycling Performance≥5000 cycle (25℃)≥5000 cycle (25℃),≥3500 cycle(35℃)

Charging Temperature:0℃~55℃
Discharging Temperature:-20℃~55℃
Storage Temperature:0℃~35℃

Calendar Life refers to the time from the date of product production to the end of its lifespan, usually measured in years.

Different product models may have certain differences.

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