Battery Maintenance Manual in Electronic Products

Instructions for using lithium batteries
1. Avoid using batteries in strong light and explosive environments to prevent heating, deformation, and smoking. At least avoid battery performance degradation and reduced lifespan.

2. Lithium batteries are equipped with protective circuits to prevent various unexpected situations from occurring. Do not use batteries in areas that generate static electricity, as static electricity (above 750V) can easily damage the protective plate, causing the battery to malfunction, heat up, deform, smoke, or catch fire.

3. Charging temperature range
The recommended charging temperature range is 0-40 ℃. Charging in environments beyond this range can cause a decrease in battery performance and lifespan.

4. Before using lithium batteries, please carefully read the user manual and read it frequently when needed.

5. Charging method
Please use a dedicated charger and recommended charging method to charge the lithium battery under the recommended environmental conditions.

6. First use
When using a lithium battery for the first time, if any abnormal phenomena such as uncleanness or odor are found, the lithium battery should not be used for mobile phones or other devices. The battery should be returned to the seller.

7. Be careful to avoid lithium battery leakage and contact with skin or clothing. If in contact, rinse with water to avoid skin discomfort.

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