What precautions should be taken for safe use of rechargeable batteries?

Rechargeable batteries, due to their unique advantages, save customers a lot of usage costs. Due to their reusability, they are widely welcomed by people. The safety of using rechargeable batteries is related to the user's human safety. In order to fully utilize their performance, rechargeable batteries need to be safe to use. Below, rechargeable battery manufacturer Youchuangwei will analyze the precautions that need to be taken when using rechargeable batteries safely.
1. When using the same brand of charger, do not use chargers from unknown sources or incompatible ones, as they can easily cause fires.
2. Batteries should be kept away from high or low temperature environments, away from sources of ignition, to prevent severe vibration and impact, and not dismantled at will.
3. Before the production of batteries, professional battery charging and discharging instruments should be used for electrical performance testing.
4. If there is liquid leakage, it should be treated promptly and seek medical attention immediately.
5. Do not continue to use batteries with damaged or deformed appearance.
6. Avoid mixing positive and negative poles.
The safety precautions for using rechargeable batteries are the same as those for general lithium batteries. During use, it is also important to always pay attention to electrical safety. Batteries not only facilitate our lives, but also place higher demands on us.
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